Standards Champions

A Standards Champion is a subject area expert. A recognized authority in the topic of a Project, or in some aspect of the Project that requires acceleration. A Champion, as a member of a Cohort, spends up to 20 hours per week concentrating upon their portion of the Project and interacting with the rest of the Cohort, the Projects Manager, and the related standards group.

We Are The Champions!

(With apologies to Freddie Mercury.)

Daniel Burnett HeadshotDr. Daniel C. Burnett has almost two decades of experience in computer standards work, having been author and editor of the W3C standards underlying the majority of today's automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. He has received multiple awards for his contributions to standards in the Automated Speech Recognition (Voice Recognition) field. As a founding editor of the two primary W3C WebRTC specifications and participant in the IETF, Dan has been involved from the beginning in this exciting new field. Dan has more recently begun contributing to the Verifiable Claims work at W3C, an effort he personally believes will change the lives of millions for the better. Dan is the owner of StandardsPlay, a consulting business specializing in helping companies bring new technologies to life in the standards that matter.

Gregg Kellogg HeadshotGregg Kellogg has been a software executive and entrepreneur since 1997. He started three companies in Marin County. He consults on linked-data projects and volunteers as an Invited Expert for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Gregg is a primary force behind all three formats used for encoding formats: Microdata (as editor of the Microdata to RDF specification), JSON-LD (as one of three editors of the JSON-LD specifications), and RDFa (as a primary contributor to RDFa 1.1 specifications).

Christopher Webber HeadshotChristopher Lemmer Webber is a user freedom advocate specializing in work on decentralized networks. He is the lead developer and co-founder of MediaGoblin, a distributed media publishing system for the web. He also works on a federated web standard called ActivityPub. Christopher has previously worked as tech lead at Creative Commons, and in 2015 won the O'Reilly Open Source Award for his work on MediaGoblin, free and open source software advocacy, and network freedom.


Benjamin Young is a Developer, Web, and Open Source Advocate. Benjamin's focus is on content and how we human beings interface with it and each other around it. He currently explores the edges of a re-decentralized Web leveraging annotation--additional content added by anyone. Benjamin is currently an Invited Expert in the Annotation and Digital Publishing Working Groups at the W3C. He has previously worked as an inventor and evangelist for IBM's Cloudant, Couchbase, and CouchOne. He contributes (under the name BigBlueHat) to Apache CouchDB, Twitter Bootstrap, and various Python, PHP, and JS projects.

Adam Migus
is a network, software, and systems security expert. Most recently Adam served as Principal Security Architect at E*TRADE Financial where he led identity, access management initiatives and enterprise architecture projects. Prior to that, Adam focused on threat intelligence as a third-tier security analyst at Symantec’s Security Operations Center. Adam also devoted several years to network and operating system security research for DARPA at McAfee Research. He earned his B.Sc. in Computer Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland, where he also started his career in earnest as a network administrator.

Joe Andrieu is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, and identity expert that has been involved in the Internet and Web since 1994. He founded Switchbook, a user-centric Search startup based in Santa Barbara, California, in 2006. Prior to SwitchBook, Joe served as Technology Director at NavExcel, a UK-based adware company and was Founder and President of Realtime Drama from 1999 through 2004. He founded the Internet Developers Association, which, through a series of mergers and acquisitions, became the Association of Internet Professionals. Joe has also served as the Chair of the Standards Committee for Project VRM, an initiative based out of Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet & Society that focuses on reinventing the marketplace through user-centric tools that enable individuals to get more out of their relationships with vendors. Joe earned a Bachelors of Science at the California Institute of Technology. He blogs at on topics of VRM, identity, and user-centric Search.

Adrian Gropper, MD, is the CTO of Patient Privacy Rights, a national organization representing 10.3 million patients and among the foremost open data advocates in the country. He participated in the creation of Blue Button at Markle Foundation where he contributed patient-authorization components to the best practice. In the Direct Project, he led the move to ensure that patients are treated as first-class citizens and preserve key privacy privileges such as HIPAA’s “known to the practice.” He’s been a core contributor to Blue Button Plus and is active in promoting open and patient-centered data policy in numerous comments to federal regulations. He is significantly involved in other patient-empowerment and access work at NSTIC/IDESG where he is the elected Privacy and Civil Liberties delegate to the Management Council and also vice-chair of the Healthcare Workgroup. This work is essential to solving critical problems of patient matching, cybersecurity, transparency, access, and delegation to family caregivers. He also works at the state level in Massachusetts on enhancing physician-patient trust in his capacity as a member of MA Medical Society Committee on Information technology and the Task Force on Physician Choice and Mandates.

Kaliya Young also known as “Identity Woman,” is an independent advocate for the rights and dignity of our digital selves.

She is internationally recognized expert in the field of user-centric digital identity / self-sovereign identity and personal data. The Internet Identity Workshop that she co-founded in 2005, twice a year brings together brings the largest concentration on the planet of talent dedicated to designing and building identity systems that empower individuals. In 2010 she founded the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium and serves as Thought Leader and Catalyst Emeritus.

She has worked directly with the US Government (NSTIC & DHS S&T) and the Government of British Columbia. She is enrolled first ever class of students in the Masters of Science in Identity Management and Security at the University of Texas at Austin and graduates in December 2017. She is currently honored as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.